About us

So just who is behind this site? And why should you trust us? This site is by the same folks who have authored the best-selling baby gear guide, Baby Bargains: Denise & Alan Fields.

Yes, we have been researching and writing about the baby biz since 1994 with a single focus: find and recommend the best baby products without breaking the bank.

All this was inspired by the birth of our first son. Walking into a baby store and staring at the giant wall of pacifiers, we realized we need help in setting up our baby’s gift registry. When we couldn’t find a good resource to guide us, we decided to create it ourselves: Baby Bargains, first a book, now a web site.

Even with the Internet, the baby gear biz can be confusing to navigate—what do you really need? What’s just hype? What are the safer products? Sifting through parent reviews of strollers on Amazon or Babies R Us is like drinking out of a fire hose: how do you make sense of 342 reviews on this baby monitor? What is the real story behind this brand? Can you trust that company?

That’s why we’re here. As consumer advocates, we’ve sold over 1 million copies of our book, Baby Bargains. Now, we bring those same reviews and advice to our web sites. The Best Baby Monitors will be the first in a string of new sites that help point you to the best baby gear.

You’ll notice on the home page of our site says we are independent, trusted and expert. So what does that mean? Glad you asked:

• Independent. We make our living from our research: when you click on an Amazon link and buy the product, when you buy our book or a subscription to our main web site, BabyBargains.com. We work for you, not the baby gear company. That means we when we review a product, we purchase it ourselves at retail—we don’t take free samples.  We also don’t consult for the industry. When we visit a company or factory, we pay for our our own travel expenses. The result is you can be sure our opinions are our own, based on what we think is the best gear.

• Trusted. Over 1 million parents have trusted Baby Bargains to be their baby gear guide. The New York Times referred to our book as the “baby gear bible.” That goes back to our independence from the industry we cover. Yes, there are other baby gear bloggers and sites out there—but many of them take money, free gear, and free trips from the companies they review or post about. Our belief is that you can’t be on both sides of the fence . . . once you accept that “free” gear to review or give away in a Facebook contest to boost your followers, then the company expects something in return. We work for moms and dads, not as shills for baby gear companies.

• Expert. Our reviews are hands-on. When we review a product, it’s based on a hands-on inspection. We purchase the products we review or inspect/demo them at industry trade shows. We then combine this first-hand experience with reader feedback—we get 1000’s of posts to our message boards and emails from parents who tell us which gear is best . . . and what to skip. That’s our secret sauce: that parent feedback loop. We are constantly interviewing parents, visiting with moms and dads in baby stores and answering emails. We bring 20 years of insight into our reviews . . . we know the back story of many companies, products and the people of the baby gear biz. That infuses our reviews with much more insight than an Amazon reviewer, who may very well be a company PR flack posting a fake glowing review.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback or thoughts. We want to hear from you.